I love this place. They have a lot of great mushrooms and products. Locally owned small businesses also have items for sale there. They do tours every week. The owner is super nice, as well as the rest of the staff. Quality mushrooms. Definitely highly recommend visiting if you find yourself in the area.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the facility. The owner was one of the most informed micologist I met. I am looking forward to trying the classes with him. Will be back.

Eric was well informed and easy to be around. I had a great time.-

Always love the selection and your sense of humor!-

Nice chatting about mushrooms and how to cook them-

I bought Chantrele Mushrooms at a Farmer’s Market – and they were amazing. So brilliant I have a good friend grab them for me as the Market was not close to where I live. The guys selling them were so knowledgable and down right cool! Hooked for life!

NH mushroom Company cultivates and sells a variety of mushroom species, as well as running educational classes (I attended one about wild foraged fungi). It’s a great spot to pick up some mushrooms and learn them at the same time.

Eric, the Owner of the NH Mushroom Co is a tremendous Chef! We just participated in this month’s cooking class & learned so much about all the varieties they cultivate and some recipes that certainly go beyond just sautéing. How about Mushroom Ceviche or BBQ “Pulled Pork” from torn Blue Oyster Mushrooms? We are really impressed by his knowledge & expertise & want to thank the staff for hosting a memorable afternoon.

Eric conducted a spectacular tour, showing us examples of their growing medium, entertaihed us with lots of jokes and shared his learn by doing approach. Having small biz vendors there on Sundays added to the experience. Buy local!!

Had a great tour with Eric, very informative and interesting!

Very Impressed. The farm is an amazing operation and well worth taking the tour. Also took a wild mushroom foraging workshop they sponsored and was not only very educational, it was very fun. The whole group learned to identify a few species, and every one went home with a cache of mushrooms they found themselves. Plus they fed us a fine meal which was “all about mushrooms”. Will be back!

Such an amazing company! Had the pleasure of taking one of their many classes and was so pleased at how friendly and funny their staff are. I learned so much and had a great time doing it! I will definitely be going back in the future.

Always great quality mushrooms! Forage Friday was a great experience. We will be back for more mushrooms and classes!

An organic indoor mushroom farm! They have an amazing array of fresh mushrooms for sale, and on Sundays at noon, a free tour of the facility is not to be missed. These guys know their mushrooms., and supply many restaurants, Whole Foods and farmer’s Markets in the region.

Absolutely excellent place. Knowledgeable, friendly staff – just a sterling destination for anyone who is even remotely a mycophile!

This place has the best mushrooms I ever tasted. The owner is very knowledgeable

Wonderful variety of mushrooms. I loved the class I attended, very educational!

Everyone is so nice there!!!

Extremely knowledgeable and open to sharing information. Love the product.